Make for Making's Sake

Stop-animation and typographic posters created as part of a campaign to encourage people of all ages to reap the benefits of making, by just making for the absolute hell of it. People of all ages can gain from the benefits of making. We can learn through making, bond with others, as well as just enjoying ourselves. There are simple sources all around us to just make, the only tool we need is our hands and imagination. Through the process of experimenting and not looking for any specific outcome, an alphabet and stop animation were created with the help of a 7 year old child and an 85 year old lady. It showcases the simplicity and rawness of making in a playful, handmade form by re-purposing broken household objects. The end result in making doesn’t always have to be perfect, it is about the process and the many benefits we reap from it - just make for making’s sake.

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