If Walls Could Speak

With the aim of using typography to raise awareness of mental health problems, 'If Walls Could Speak' is part of a body of work collating true experiences and stories to illustrate the repetitive and hidden nature of a mental illness. The typographic wallpaper (printed digitally on wallpaper, fabric and screen printed by hand) creates an experience for the viewer to really have to look and study the subtle type patterns, as you would have to really look for the often-unseen symptoms of a mental health problem. The viewer can gain insight to the negative thought patterns and struggles people go through often silently and alone on a daily basis, unseen behind closed doors, if their walls could speak what would they say? This also offers a perspective for those suffering to relate to and recognise they are not alone. By simply listening to those suffering, we can gain a better understanding of mental health problems and break the silence surrounding mental health stigma.

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